how to take screenshot on mac

Take a screenshot on your Mac

taking a screenshot on your mac is very simple and easy, you can capture the entire screen or just portion of the screen. below are some methods to perform the task.

How to take screenshot of your mac full screen

in order to take screenshot press and hold the shift key then while keep pressing the shift key press the cmd key and then while pressing both shift and cmd key press the 3 on your keyboard to take screenshot.

How to take screenshot of your mac portion on screen

This is very simple and easy as we have described previously, just keep pressing shift key plus cmd key plus 4 key on the mac keyboard, then make a selection on the screen on that you want to capture. Remember keep pressing the other 3 keys after making selection release the mouse button and all the other 3 keys as well.

How to take screenshot on your mac just the active screen

Press and hold the shift key + cmd key + 4 key + spacebar to capture the take active window screenshot.

screenshots are saved on your desktop.

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